About Mispo.org

Mispo.org is a not-for-profit, multi-purpose, educational platform.  We gather images of military, security and police equipment from across the globe, using a network of international photojournalists, photo agencies and NGO field workers. The images cover every aspect of the trade in military, security and police equipment, from manufacture & sale to end use. Experienced researchers endeavour to identify any equipment shown in an image before it is added to the archive. Mispo.org provides access to thousands of images, fully searchable by country, weapon type, photographer and many other fields. Mispo.org is an incredibly valuable resource as often photographic evidence is the only evidence that the trade in equipment has occurred.

Our Contributors
Mispo.org works with professional & amateur photographers & agencies and NGO field researchers from all over the world. We particularly encourage submissions from contributors located in areas of conflict or regional unrest and photographers with local knowledge.

Who is it for?
Mispo.org is an invaluable tool for:

• The human rights, development and conflict reduction community;
• Picture editors and journalists; and
• Academic researchers.

Photographs and information sourced through Mispo.org has appeared in the following organisation's publications, amongst others:

How can I register?
To register with Mispo.org, please fill in the online form here.

How much does it cost?
Mispo.org is a not for profit organisation. Users of the databank are asked to pay a fee to help cover the cost of maintaining and updating the images and information. The fee is determined by the user's status (e.g. the size of the organisation, etc) and we try to keep the cost to a minimum.

Users wishing to purchase an image are put in contact with the image-owner. The price is then negotiated directly between the image-owner and the buyer. Mispo.org does not profit from the sale of any images.

Mispo.org Training Facilities
The Mispo.org team, in partnership with the Omega Research Foundation, are currently creating an online training facility which will contain materials that teach users how to identify equipment found in the field as well as how to maximise the chances of identifying a piece of equipment by using the information they have gathered. It will also contain additional modules designed for local communities and local photojournalists who work in war-zones or under repressive regimes as well as for groups and individuals who visit places of detention.

These materials will increase awareness of the legal and illegal international arms trade as well as teaching the student how to take photographs useful for the human rights researcher. Through these training modules, Mispo.org and the Omega Research Foundation aim to empower the local community by focusing on the development of basic skills that can serve as a foundation for future work.

What our users say about us ...

"Mispo.org helped the Control Arms Campaign to shift States' views on the scope of a future global Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). Pictures from Mispo.org, and the research behind them, were used to pick out military equipment appearing in children's drawings of war from Sierra Leone, Myanmar and Sudan. These were displayed to delegates at the United Nations in New York in July 2009 discussing what arms should be included in an ATT. The powerful combination of compelling images and technical detail about the equipment showed that the most popular proposal on the table for the categories of weapons to be included in an ATT was hopelessly narrow. Mispo.org's unique combination of detailed technical expertise and human rights sensibilities made this exhibition - and it's powerful effect - possible."  Mike Lewis, former Military, Security and Police Researcher, Amnesty International

"Mispo.org is an important and vital tool for enquiry and investigation, it allows you to literally see who is doing what in the world of arms trading. However, more than that it is a valuable resource for journalists writing about the arms trade, providing insightful and arresting images from across the world."  Mark Thomas. Political Activist & Comedian

"I have been working with Mispo.org for 6 years now and in that time I have submitted hundreds of images to their database. From this I have aquired some sales, but more importantly I have seen my images used on numerous platforms to lobby against the illegal arms trade. That in itself is a bigger reward than any monetary one. I have now moved into videojournalism, I'd love to Mispo accept video data as well......" Travis Beard, Freelance Photojournalist & Founder of Argus Photography